Agrivision's mission

Corporate Social Responsibility

Agrivision has schools (Pre-school, Junior School and Main School) at its Somawhe Estates facility for all permanent workers’ children up to grade 9 where an average of 364 children are benefitting.

Mkushi Estates supported and funded the building of the Katuba School which is a government operated facility. All children of employees are provided with transport to and from school.

Sustainable use of Environment

Agrivision has planted a total of 5,000 gum trees at its farm in Mkushi.

The company also funded the Mpongwe Forestry department in expanding the local government tree nursery and the raising of 15,000 assorted trees which will be planted around public institutions and Agrivision farms.

Community Outreach Programs

Both the Company’s farming operations have clinics on the farm. The clinic at Mkushi Estates is operated by a community health worker employed by the company while the two clinics at Somawhe Estates are operated by a Registered Nurse and Clinical Officer also employed by the company.

Medication disbursed to employees is done at no charge. At the Company’s Somawhe Estates operation, these clinics are also open to the broader community and not just the workers.

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