Agrivision's Vision

Agrivision Africa’s playing field - The Guinea Savannah

An area that covers 600 million hectares and is 20% of the total African land mass. Only 10% of this area is currently in production.

The region benefits from a warm tropical climate as well as an annual rainfall average of 800-1200mm. There are abundant untapped water resources and high potential soils in the area.

Agrivision's Vision

Our Vision

Agrivision Africa is an investment company whose vision is to create world class farming operations and integrate businesses across the agricultural value chain and to leave a legacy of responsible commercial agricultural practice in the region.

Our Aims

Our aims are primarily to achieve economies of scale through the creation of service business along the value chain.

Our aim is to improve exports of food cross-border within Africa with the goal to significantly increase productivity, by using a combination of farming techniques that improve soil quality such as conservation tillage and crop rotation, and adhering to Global G.A.P control points and compliance criteria.

By providing skills transfer at the local level, on the job training and formal education, thereby cultivating the next generation of farm management from within the local communities.

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