About the business

Somawhe Estates is an established and successful commercial farming operation and has been in operation in the region for several decades.

Key features & information

key location

Somawhe is situated 40km in the south-western part of Mpongwe District along the Kafue River approximately 120 kilometres south west of the city of Ndola and about 350 kilometres north of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.

diversified farming

Somawhe, with a total land size of 12892Ha, is a diversified crop production farm in Munkumpu area.

high potential

Somawhe Estates arable land is 4200Ha of which 2900 is irrigated.

crop variety

Somawhe Estates grow soya, wheat and maize crops.

"Somawhe Estates crops grown include soya, wheat and maize."

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