We are pleased to publish our new website Agrivision Zambia. This platform showcases our history, operations, missions and future plans.

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    This report showcases a comprehensive analysis of the country’s current and potential agribusiness. It includes key trends and critical insights into the Zambian agribusiness markets.

    Find out more about the market, size, share, outlook and growth opportunities for the Zambian Agribusiness in 2020-2026.

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      the season for planting

      Although it is nearing the end of the calendar year, farming does not take a festive break. We are currently in the middle of the planting season and, depending on the rains due, it may be an interesting one.

      One of our aims is to empower and form partnerships with small-medium scale farmers in Lusaka. Keep updated by signing up to our monthly newsletter for a guide on how to get the best out of your land or equipment.

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