Africa’s Producer and Supplier of NON-GMO, Global G.A.P Certified Products

Agrivision Zambia is an investment company whose vision is to create world class farming operations, integrate businesses across the agricultural value chain and to leave a legacy of responsible commercial agricultural practice in the region.

About us

Agrivision Zambia is a vision built from over a century of African family farming experience, from what was recognized as one of the most reputable production engines to serve the amalgamated interest of agriculture in Zimbabwe at the peak of its production performance on a global scale.

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our businesses

Agrivision Zambia’s strategy is to be a diversified agricultural business that owns and operates agri-businesses and related value chain assets across Africa. Below are a list of our current business operations:

Mkushi Estates

Mkushi Estates with a total land size of 8,430Ha is located within the Mkushi farming block in Mkushi District Central province of Zambia.

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Somawhe Estates

Somawhe Estates is an established and successful commercial farming operation and has been in operation in the region for several decades.

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Mpongwe Milling

In 2013, Agrivision acquired Mpongwe Milling in Kitwe, a plant with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tonnes of milled maize, and 16,000 tonnes of milled wheat.

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Loza Country Lodge

Loza Country Lodge is an old double story farm house that has been extensively renovated. It is an ideal location for weddings, private parties or weekends away.

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our products

Agrivision Zambia sells Maize, Soya beans, Wheat and Seed Maize. Find out more details below:


Maize is a resistant crop and can grow successfully in a wide range of soils. It is a staple food for Zambians, and is also used to feed livestock.


Soya beans

Zambia is one of the largest commercial growers of soya beans in Africa alongside Zimbabwe and South Africa.



Wheat can be grown across a variety of land and types of soils. Mostly grown in the dry season in Zambia, we have just begun planting this season's crop.


Seed Maize

Seed maize allows for our customers to plant a crop that is durable and withstanding to the African climate and soil therefore producing a better yield.


"Agrivision’s farms produce 10 per cent of Zambia’s annual wheat consumption. The company's potential for increasing food production, supporting job creation, and promoting rural development fits well with the Zambian government’s strategic priorities. Conservation farming methods and modern technology are central to Agrivision’s operations and have helped to increase its wheat, maize, and soya bean production."

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